XH Capacitors



The XH is a capacitor with an excellent large current discharge characteristic at least 3 V. It is an environmentally friendly product that is reflow mounted by Pb-free soldering. It features high capacity, and long-term reliability, as well as a wide operating voltage range. It is thus suitable for backup power supply of clock and memory functions of mobile and information devices.


  • Pb-free reflowable:
    Superior heat resistance (260ºC peak) allows reflow soldering by Pb-free solder
  • Wide operating voltage range from 0V to 3.3V
  • High capacity: 0.08F with “414” size
  • Long Cycle Life:
    At least 10,000 times of charge/discharge
  • Simple charging circuit (constant voltage charging)
  • Wide operating temperature range:
    Operating temperature range: −20ºC to +60ºC


  • Backup power supply for memory and clock functions of cellphone, PHS, cordless phone, digital still camera, PDA, MD player, game machine, and printer, etc.