CPX Capacitors




The new chip-type Electric Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC), “CPX3225A” as electrical storage device and power source device to the growing market of energy-harvesting, Near Field Communication (NFC) chip, and wireless sensor network systems, etc. The “CPX” series successfully reduced the internal resistance to one-third of the conventional EDLCs, and the leak current to approximately one-tenth, while keeping the world’s thinnest and smallest class size.


1. Large discharge current and super rapid charging achieved by low internal resistance

2. Chargeable by slight power, thanks to low leak curren

3. Long life span, high reliability

4. Small size, large capacity


1. Electric storage device for energy harvesting
2. Power source or Electric storage for Wireless Sensor Network, RFID tag, RF remote control for digital home electrical appliance
3. Power source or Electric storage for Contactless IC card, multi-functional IC card
4. Instant back-up for CPU or DRAM and powers source for saving data on flash memory