Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development System

SII is striving for the development of creative and professional human resources. Our Human Resource Division aids human resource development by offering training for each level, professional education by job category in areas such as quality assurance, environmental administration, and intellectual property, and OJT at the respective workplaces.

The Mentor System is also provided to new employees. This system appoints a senior employee as a mentor and a counselor who is able to be consulted with to each new employee in order to provide continued mentorship and support.

Human Resource Development at Sites around the World

SII has trained the HR Divisions of its overseas sites to be able to train their own employees. They now have the knowledge and skills to develop their own human resource development policies, human resource development systems, and training plans. SII is educating lecturers and carrying out training proactively in-house even without support of the Japan personnel department. Furthermore, in external training, the objectives and needs of training are communicated to training companies, and training is being customized to meet the needs of each company before implementation.

Support for Career Development

SII is focusing on developing independent and self-responsible human resources who can establish their own careers and missions.
The In-House Recruitment System and a Free-Agency System have been launched to respect employee’s personal goals and to help expand their career choices and make a range of career options available to them.

Professional Resources Management System

SII has introduced the “Professional Resources Management System” to pass down skills and techniques, and also to train junior employees. With this system, we certify professional employees who possess advanced expertise. The system includes Specialists, who are experts in fields like R&D, engineering and production engineering; and Meisters, who specialize in manufacturing operations such as processing and assembly. There are three levels respectively.

As of April 2023, SII has certified 6 Specialists and 2 Meisters, and they are playing active roles in their fields and also focusing on training their successors; proprietary technologies and skills are properly passed on to the next generation.

Beginning in FY 2018, we have introduced the Meister System for employees who possess core skills, including our manufacturing sites outside Japan.*

* Target sites: Manufacturing sites in Dalian and Shanghai.