Respect for Human Rights

Our Concepts

In the SII Group Charter of Corporate Behavior, "Article 3: Human rights and human resource development" states as follows.

  • We respect the diversity and the human rights of all our employees and seek to achieve safe, comfortable working conditions. We facilitate and support the advancement and growth of each employee and endeavor to ensure all employees the fair evaluation and treatment.
  • We respect the human rights and individuality of all stakeholders in our business activities.
  • We strive to develop a creative, professional human resources characterized by a strong ethical sense.
  • We have been trying to ensure that the Charter is thoroughly implemented within SII Group companies.

    Including our affiliated companies outside Japan, we have taken steps to further clarify the Basic Policies of Human Rights, reflecting the various cultures and customs of each region. We have thoroughly instructed our personnel to make sure that all actions pertaining to stakeholders are conducted in the spirit of the message of these Basic Policies of Human Rights.

    Unification of SII Group HR System

    Under the concept that employees are all equal and they should be evaluated and treated fairly, SII has established a new HR system based on the consistent SII Group values and evaluation criteria found throughout our sites in Japan and around the world. While based on SII's HR system, the HR system of our sites around the world complies with the labor laws and regulations of each country and reflects its culture and customs, and is operated independently by the local HR Division.