Occupational Health and Safety

Concept of Occupational Safety and Health

SII believes that the basis of a healthy company is formed by maintaining a safe and healthy work environment as well as all the employees' physical and mental well-being.
Based on the "SII Group Occupational Safety and Health Policy" established in 2008, all the SII Group sites work on the prevention of plant and industrial accidents as well as pursue the high safety level to create a comfortable workplace.

SII Group Occupational Safety and Health Policy

Basic Principle
The SII Group has established the following basic policies and is committing itself to conduct business activities based on the belief that maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all employees worldwide, as well as maintaining their physical and mental well-being, form the basis of a healthy company.
Basic Policies
The SII Group will do its best to eliminate occupational injury and promote good health to increase safety and health levels.
For the purpose of decreasing safety and health risks, the SII Group organizes an internal system and sets targets for continuous improvement to create a comfortable working environment.
In order to raise safety awareness, the SII Group makes every effort so that every employee fully understands these occupational safety and health policies and any other necessary issues.
The SII Group complies with occupational safety and health laws and regulations, other requirements which SII has previously agreed, and the rules and policies established within the SII Group.

SII Group Occupational Safety/Health Management System

In addition to each business unit's safety management system, the SII Group established a group-wide safety management organization. The "SII Group Safety Management Committee," consisting of members from each unit, is held to report activities and to share safety management-related information including law revisions and internal rule review.
From here on out, we will make efforts in further improving the level of safety management within SII Group with a view to sharing information with overseas sites.

Safety Inspections

To maintain and improve occupational safety and health, SII conducts not only annual workplace safety inspections at every site, but also comprehensive safety inspections for all SII Group sites, including our overseas manufacturing sites.
The comprehensive safety inspections consist of two parts: a voluntary inspection and an on-site audit. The voluntary inspection is carried out at each site every year using check sheets prepared by the responsible departments for each function (fire and disaster prevention, safety and health, chemical substances, machinery and equipment, etc.) specified by the SII Group Safety Management Organization. The on-site audit is carried out at each site on a regular basis by a joint member of each responsible department. The issues identified in the audits are corrected to improve workplace safety.

The results of comprehensive safety inspections are fed back to each site and shared across the board, and are reported to the CSR Committee, which is chaired by the president. The information is shared not only with the sites where the inspections and audits were conducted but also with senior management.

Lifesaving Practice

As AED (automated external defibrillator) was introduced, each SII site in Japan holds lifesaving seminars on a regular basis. The total number of participants at all SII sites in Japan achieved 2,434 (0 in FY 2020*) and they acquired lifesaving skills.
The seminars will continue so that as many SII employees as possible can learn and acquire the lifesaving skills.

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all sites have decided not to implement the program.

Risk Assessment of Chemical Substances

The Industrial Safety and Health Act was revised (and enforced on June 1st, 2016.) Companies are now obliged to conduct risk assessments of hazardous chemical substances. SII performed risk assessments at all sites in Japan.

In the assessments, we identified dangerous and hazardous properties of chemical substances used at each site, estimated risks that may cause hazardousness and/or health problems to handlers, and examined and took measures to reduce related risks. The results of the risk assessments were communicated to all employees working at the workplaces.
We will continue to take periodic chemical substance inventories and visit workplaces to identify and appropriately control chemical substances based on the rules at each site.