Evolution of Green Products

Evolution of Green Products —Eco-friendly Products that Contribute to Environmental Conservation—

The basic concept of SII environmental management is the "Three Green" concept: Green Process, Green Products, and Green Life.
Among these, Green Products (in other words, creating eco-friendly products that can contribute to environmental conservation) are a manufacturer's mission. We keep evolving based on the SII's technological philosophy of "SYO" ism.

Evolution of Green Products
December 2001: Introduced Green Product Label System Green Product Label
October 2006: Introduced High Grade Green Product Label System High Grade Green Product Label

Green Products plus
July 2010: Announced the Concept of Green Products plus
Green Products plus

Green Products plus

March 2010: The commencement of software and services of our "Green Product System."

Basic Concepts for Evaluations

As a condition of Green Product certification of software and services, there shall be an expected overall reduction in CO2 after calculating the increased and decreased environmental loads (CO2) after introduction of the software and services.
For example, sharing documents on the internet may increase CO2 because of the power and communication required when using new devices.
At the same time, a CO2 decrease significantly greater than this increase is expected because paper and the transportation of people and goods are no longer required.

Basic Concepts for Evaluations

Items Used to Evaluate Changes in CO2

1) Usage and consumption of materials Paper, CDs, consumables
2) Transportation of goods Transportation by vehicles like trucks
3) Storage Storage of drawings, documents, and devices
4) Transportation of people Transportation by cars, trains, and buses
5) Office space Space for people and devices
6) Power consumption of devices Power consumed by PCs, printers, and servers
7) Network use Volume of data communication
8) Miscellaneous Other items for which changes in the amount of CO2 are anticipated

Criteria for Green Products

A reduction in overall CO2 after calculating changes in the amount of CO2 of each evaluation item is a requirement.
The Green-Product certification is judged after considering system scale and reduction effectiveness as a whole.

Process of Creating Green Products

We promote the creation of Green Products based on the cross-divisional cooperative structure. We also ask our suppliers for their cooperation through Green Purchasing.

Criteria for Green Products