Risk Management

Risk Management Efforts

Under the group risk management of Seiko Group Corporation, SII promotes risk management centering on the CSR Committee chaired by the President. We identify risks each fiscal year, evaluates them on a risk map mapping them in terms of impact and likelihood of occurrence, and regularly confirms the progress of risk countermeasures. Business risk situations are also monitored at the management meetings.

In preparation for large scale disasters, which represent one of the risks, we have provided each employee with a helmet. After a disaster strikes, in anticipation that it may be temporarily difficult for employees to return home due to traffic restrictions and road disruptions, etc., we have systematically prepared water, food, emergency blankets, and other emergency supplies. In addition, we have equipped the head office and each unit with emergency radios so that we can communicate with each other even in the event of a failure of the public communication network.

Business Continuation

SII manufacturing sites implement initiatives to prevent production interruption, aiming to continually provide products even when a risk arises.
The examples of our wide-ranging risk management are operational improvements at the local-working level and radical improvement which requires equipment investment.

We operate a system whereby Group employees, etc., who become aware of the occurrence of a serious accident, etc., report to the President.

Preparation of comprehensive risk management manuals for sites outside Japan

In 2016, SII sites outside Japan completed the preparation of crisis management manuals for each hazard, such as fire, typhoon, earthquake, and highly virulent infectious diseases, and from 2017, we have been working on the preparation of a comprehensive crisis management manual that incorporates multiple hazards specific to the sites. For example, at manufacturing companies, there is the risk of environmental pollution caused by chemical substances in factories, and at sales companies, there is the risk of theft or loss of life due to intrusion by suspicious persons. We aim to ensure the safety of our employees and the company’s assets by sharing with our employees preventive measures, risk minimization measures, and standards of conduct for possible hazards.

COVID-19 infections were widespread around the world, but they have finally settled down. At overseas sites, SII created a crisis management system for virulent infections six years ago, and disseminated and practiced the codes of conduct for employees and carried out peer reviews and self-inspections of the crisis management system repeatedly. For that reason, SII was able to link it to risk reduction for the company and employees during the current spread of COVID-19.

However, COVID-19 infections have not been completely stopped, and there still is the potential for new infections. In FY 2022, based on the experience of the current spread of COVID-19, effective countermeasures and codes of conduct were collected and added to a comprehensive manual for crisis management and disseminated to employees.