Seiko Instruments Inc. Precision Machinery Division


FA System Unit Examples

We have a wide variety of automation technology including transfer system, various assembly system, and inspection technology.


Conveyor systems 

Free flow conveyor
The pitch between each process can be arranged freely.
Fixed-pitch transfer
This transfer is used in case belt conveyor can not use due to dust, or in case it is required to prevent workpiece scattering by a shock.

Tray changer 

Parts supply
Automatic supply of trays whichfilled up with workpieces.
Parts pickup
Automatic supply of empty trays for picking up and aligning workpieces.

Robot peripheral equipment 

Manufacturing hands which suited client's products and use.
Load / Un-load system
Equipment of automatic load/un-load system of workpiece for robot work.

Vision system 

Visual inspection
Used for inspection of cracks or dirt on the exterior of a product when its assembly is completed.
Defect inspection
Used for judge of workpiece by comparing to non-defective workpiece.