Technical Information

SII's integrated processing system covering turning, heat treatment and plating enables to provide high quality precision turned parts.

Technical Information

Turning process

  • Turning technique cultivated in watch manufacturing
  • Micron level processing accuracy
  • Hard-to-cut materials capable
Material Outer diameter Processing Accuracy
Tolerance Surface Roughness (Ra)
BS Φ0.3~Φ16mm +/-0.003mm 1.2µm 2.0µm
SUS Φ0.9~Φ16mm +/-0.005mm
SK Φ0.5~Φ16mm +/-0.004mm
SUM Φ0.5~Φ16mm +/-0.004mm

Heat Treatment

  • Abundant experience in precision parts
  • Smooth surface processing
  • Quality management by specialists
Precision Turning

Surface Processing


  • Supporting a wide variety of plating (nickel, zinc, etc.)
  • Plating thickness: 0.5 - 5µm ±0.5
  • Delicate Processing
X-ray fluorescence thickness measurement
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