Precision Turned Parts

SII continues to provide a wide range of highly accurate precision turned parts for automobile ABS, HDD, medical instrument, camera, motor and mobile phone components and other business fields.

Our total in-house manufacturing from turning through surface treatment process has achieved high quality and short delivery period.

We are able to meet a wide variety of customer requests, including processing of highly accurate parts, hard-to-cut materials and surface treatment, for small cutting tools with the outer diameter up to 16mm.

SII will globally develop our small component business and strive to meet diverse requests of our customers.

Automobile Parts

Precision turned parts for ABS, engines and transmissions

HDD Parts

Precision turned parts for HDD, pivots and small-diameter bearings

Dalian Factory in China Dalian Factory in China

SII Dalian factory manufactures a large variety of precision turned parts, including automobile ABS parts.

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