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Ferrule Concentricity Measurement System (Full Auto Type)

Ferrule Concentricity Measurement System (Full Auto Type)

Ferrule Concentricity Measurement System measures the concentricity of ferrules by the image processing, and pick them up.
Automatic supply, measurement and pickup of ferrules by the ball feeder.

Sorting of ferrules
Non-contact measurement is available using vision system.
Quick measurement of concentricity within 4 seconds by optimization of vision image.
Small footprint
Machine dimensions 500mm(W) ×680mm(D) ×810mm(H)
Operating conditions and inspection parameters are able to be set at the operation panel.


Ferrule Concentricity Measurement System achieved both stable operation and high productivity with the specialized unit for ferrules.

Ferrule Concentricity Measurement System (Full Auto Type) unit

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Part of measurement
Part of measurement
Collection box
Collection box


Model FCMS2
Capacity Concentricity measurement within 4sec/piece
Intended work 1.φ2.5mm×10.5mm Hole diameter φ0.125mm
2.φ1.25mm×6.5mm Hole diameter φ0.125mm
(Please choose one from above at time of order.)
Measuring method Measuring concentricity of a ferrule by spinning it and processing the image.
Repeat measurement accuracy Concentricity within 0.1µm(3σ) minimum display unit 0.01µm
Work supply system Ball feeder
Rank classification number Max. 5 (one of the parts is for defective ferrules.)
Power supply AC220V±10% single phase
Air 0.4Mpa
Unit dimension Main unit (Desktop type)
Unit weight Main unit 70kg
Monitor 4kg
Controller Specialized controller