◆What is Crystal Oscillator?
A cryatal oscillator is one packaged product contained with a crystal resonator and an oscillation circuit. (No matching test needed.)
It generates stable frequency and desirable frequency accuracy by suppling power since it is already tested for matching.
Below is figure 1 for crystal oscillator’s structure.

We offer you two kinds of crystal oscillators as below.
・TCXO (SH-32R): has temperature compensation function with temperature sensor and memory contained.
・SPXO (SN-20S): Ultra low current consumption 0.5μA Typ. (Vdd=3.3V)
Both of them can generate 32.768kHz under low current consumption since they have quartz tuning fork crystals.
For more details, please refer to the Figure 2, 3 as below.

◆What are the merits of crystal oscillator?
・It can supply clock to the Micro Controller Unit without an oscillation circuit.
・It can generate the desirable frequence accuracy not affected by any other components such asn external capacitor, circuit board, and load capacitance of the oscillation circuit.
【 ±3ppm (SH-32R@25℃) ±20ppm (SN-20S@25℃) 】
・It can generate the desirable frequence accuracy under the wide range of temperature. (SH-32R)
・It can be activated under ultra low current consumption. (SN-20S)
・You can save the space on the circuit board by using the oscillators.
・You don’t need to take matching test for your application.