Seiko Instruments Inc.


Safe and secure technology and
quality supporting next-generation mobility


Precision turning technology cultivated in the watch industry

Seiko Instruments Inc. has been manufacturing precision turned parts for automotive industries, watches, hard disks, cameras, medical equipment, motors, cell phones, etc., based on the technology cultivated through 80 years of watch manufacturing. We are highly trusted by our customers, especially in various fields that require small precision parts. With over 30 years of experience in the turning of critical safety parts for automobiles, our quality and service have earned us a great deal of trust in the industry.

Product-design optimization through collaboration with customers from the development stage

Our machining experts collaborate with customers from the design and development stages to help address problems. Even with difficult-to-turn materials and complex shapes, we can propose optimal turning methods and cost reductions through our experience in turning many parts and creating trial productions.

Creating value by bringing together the diverse technologies of the Seiko Group

In addition to the precision processing business, the Seiko Group has a diverse group of technicians who have cultivated their skills in a variety of industries. By creating synergy with those technologies, we can offer our customers expansive ideas in technologies other than precision parts turning, such as module assembly, internal grinding, and advanced automated inspection.

Contributing to the sustainability of society

Seiko Instruments Inc. is committed to contributing to society's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by providing SII products, while also keeping an eye on the future demand for automated driving and the advancement of electrification in the mobility society. We are also contributing to environmental measures and decarbonization through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) by actively adopting renewable energy sources at our manufacturing sites.