Seiko Instruments Inc.



Thailand Factory

With products key to the industry, this advanced factory manufactures bearings and automotive parts using precision turning and grinding technologies, assembles precision parts in a Class 100 (ISO Class 5) clean room, and even produces small-diameter balls.

Corporate History

June 1988:Established Nava-Nakorn Factory
June 1989:Started production of watch parts
February 1997: Started assembly of pivot cartridges for HDDs
March 1999:Started production of ball bearings for HDDs
March 2000:Started production of motor parts for HDDs
March 2005:Started production of bearings and balls for HDDs
December 2006:Started production of pivots for HDDs
March 2010:Started production of automobile parts
June 2021:Started operation of solar power generation system at Nava-Nakorn factory

Existing equipment

Processes Equipment type
Turning CNC automatic lathe
6-axis lathes
Secondary high-precision turning lathes
Machining Center
End-face grinder
External centerless grinder
Internal grinder
CNC profile grinder
Heat treatment Vacuum quenching furnace (air-cooled)
Vacuum quenching furnace (oil-cooled)
Cleaning Automatic hydrocarbon washing machine
Automatic pure water washing machine
Assembly Automated assembly machine
Automated inspection machine
Inspection machine Roundness measurement device
Shape measurement device
Roughness measurement device
3D shape measurement device (CMM - Coordinate Measuring Machine)
Hardness tester
Ion chromatography analyzers
Cleanliness measurement device
Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometers

Thailand Factory environmental initiatives

CO2 reduction by solar power generation

The Nava-Nakorn Factory in Thailand has installed solar panels to provide 50% of the factory's electricity. We will continue to expand the introduction of such renewable energy sources to further reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to the improvement of the global environment.

China Factory

With our many years of accumulated experience in manufacturing watch parts and automotive ABS parts, we are moving forward with technological innovation in precision parts manufacturing for the electrification of mobility, and delivering reliable high quality and low cost in mass production to our customers.

Corporate History

December 1989:Established Dalian Seiko (Japan-China joint venture)
May 1997: Started production of brand-name watch parts
January 2002:Seiko wholly owned, Japan-China joint venture suspended
January 2003:Started shipping automotive precision turned parts and fiber-optic parts
May 2004:Acquired ISO9001 & ISO14001 certification
September 2005:Acquired TS16949 certification
December 2009:Established Hard Disk Components Production Division
August 2016:Started production of automotive powertrain components
October 2018:Started operation of online lathe operation control system
April 2019:Started operation of online quality control system

Existing equipment

Processes Equipment type
Turning CNC lathe
Cam automatic lathe
Cog splitter
Thread rolling machine
Grinding External centerless grinder
Internal grinder
Cleaning Automatic washing machine
Heat treatment Batch quenching furnace
Shaker (continuous) quenching furnace
Tempering furnace
Polishing Barrel polisher
Shot blaster
Chemical polisher
Assembly Automated assembly machine
Automatic parts collecting system
Surface treatment Nickel plating processes
Zinc plating process
Other Electrolytic deburring machine
Inspection Automatic image inspection equipment
Manual leak inspection machine
Automatic leak inspection machine
Cleanliness measurement device
Image dimension measurement device
3D shape measurement device (CMM - Coordinate Measuring Machine)
Roundness measurement device
Shape measurement device
Roughness measurement device
Tool microscope
Hardness tester


Winner of Continental's 2019 Best Supplier Award

Continental Automotive Systems, a global manufacturer of automotive electrical components, has awarded SII the 2019 Best Supplier Award in the “Turned Parts” category. This award is given to the company’s certified turned parts supplier that best performs in quality, delivery, sales cooperation, and cost reduction cooperation throughout the year.
The award was given in recognition of our company's efforts to supply small-diameter steel turned parts that are incorporated into the valves of ABS (anti-lock braking system) and ESC (Electronic Stability Control), which are safety devices for automobiles. Encouraged by this award, we will strive to further improve its QCD, deepen the relationship of trust with our customers, and deliver safety and peace of mind to the world through the supply of high-quality automotive parts.