Seiko Instruments Inc.



Automotive components

We provide high-precision, high-quality, and low-cost products required for automotive parts. We have our own integrated processes for turning, grinding, heat treatment, surface treatment, and functional inspection in our site.
Our products are used for many parts that require high precision, particularly metal seal parts such as injector components and ABS valve components.

HDD parts

We provide hub components for spindle motors and pivot assemblies that support rotation of actuators. Hub parts are turned from forged aluminum with high precision. Pivot assemblies are high-precision, high-durability products employing our own miniature bearings made by our precision turning technology. The precision assembly technology of Seiko Instruments Inc. is also utilized here.

Watch parts

We process watch components. Seiko’s high-precision watches are supported by this technology.

Medical and semiconductor equipment

Seiko Instruments Inc. also provides products for medical equipment-related parts and semiconductor equipment parts such as measurement probes, utilizing our precision processing technology.