Seiko Instruments Inc. Precision Machinery Division


Fulid bearing spindle


Workhead spindle for automatic lathe
Workhead spindle for internal grinder
Large rotating equipment

We provide ultra small runout spindle which adopt fluid bearings because of meeting the demands of ultra high precision and long life that ball bearing can not achieve. We respond inquiries about ultra high accuracy and high speed rotation of a wide field like workhead spindle for automatic lathe and internal grinder, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, drilling machine for printed circuit board and large rotating device with SII's fluid bearing technology which has been developed for grinder and has continued from hydro-static guideway. Please contact us if you need a ultra precision products.

Feature (Fluid bearing Spindle)

Ultra small runoutExtremely high rotation accuracy because of averaging effect of fluid.
Long lifeNo abrasion and desterioration because spindle shaft and outer circumferential part are rotated with non-contact.
Variety of fluid bearing TypeIt is possible to respond to air-static, hydro-static, hydro-dynamic, furthermore hybrid of hydro-static and hydro-dynamic.
About fluid bearing type spindle, we respond as special product design and manufacturing.