Seiko Instruments Inc. Precision Machinery Division


Product Customization

We can respond about inquiries over the detail by design changing based on SSPG series.
It is possible to save on lead time and cost because it's not complete custom-made.

Product Customization Example

It is possible to design change based on spindle which appear in the catalog.
Please contact us from customize specification entry form, if there is no spindle you requested in our standard product.

Design change possible part

Details are displayed if you place the cursor on the circle mark. A, B and C in detail describe difficulty level of customize based on consideration of design load and cost. It is to rank with A, B and C in the order of easy to customize.

The text in the title of the a tag is reflected here.

Design change possible part
Customization possible part Difficulty Level Detail or Remarks
Housing Diameter (C) It is possible to increase power because of increasing motor size if shell diameter makes larger.
Vertical Mounting (A) It is possible to respond to vertical mounting but horizontal mounting is our standard./td>
Coolant Through (C) We will respond to the request about coolant through type.
Connector (A) To adopt MS connector of MIL standard. It can be changed if it is within dimension.
Sensor Please contact us about mounting of various sensor.
(A) Temperature monitoring Motor
(C) Temperature monitoring Bearing
(B) Rotation and speed detection
(C) Tool clamp detection
Coolant (A) It is possible to use oil but water is recommended. However it use based on actual motor power decreases due to cooling effect fall.
Mounting Type (C) We consider the special product which meet customer's mounting such as clamp type mounting or flange type mounting.
Rotation Direction (A) Please contact us because it's possible to respond to CW even though our standard rotation direction is CCW looking at the quill side.
*In case that mounting part is left-hand screw at CCW (B).
Tool Interface We provide the spindle which meet customer needs if inform tool shape, dimension and so on. We respond various requests about fixing method such as HSK, collet and so on, and ATC.
(B) Manual HSK
(B) Collet
Bearings (B) We change bearing in accordance with the customer use. It is possible to adjust rigidity and accuracy due to pre-load change by changing size and model.
Motor Power (B) Motor power increases because of motor length can be longer depending on spindle length.