Message from the President

Excelling in Times of Change

Allow me to offer my sincere thanks for your continued support and patronage of Seiko Instruments.

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, characterized by technological advancements, globalization, climate change, and socio-political uncertainties, predicting the future has become increasingly challenging. Consumer preferences and values continue to diversify, necessitating a shift in business paradigms. We have transitioned from an era where simply meeting customer needs sufficed to one where mastering these needs and demonstrating flexibility in responding to social changes are key for being chosen.

In response to these increasingly diverse needs, we strive to offer products that resonate with and are chosen by our customers. Leveraging our strengths in compact design, energy efficiency, precision engineering, and durability, as outlined in our unique core technologies of Craftsmanship, Miniaturization, and Efficiency, we provide solutions tailored to the demands of the times. For instance, precision components originally developed for the watch industry now play critical roles in next-generation mobility, ensuring safety and reliability. Similarly, our small batteries, initially designed for watches, now power various medical devices due to their stable output voltage characteristics.

We remain committed to contributing to the advancement of society by delivering products that excel in alignment with the spirit of the times. Our focus lies in offering solutions that shape the finer intricacies of the world. This is the essence of Seiko Instruments Inc.

Yoichi Endo