Code of Conduct

6. Establishing a Constructive Coexistence with Society

(1) Disclosing Management Information

We disclose our financial standing, business activities and other management information to our shareholders, investors and other stakeholders in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and rules in a timely and accurate manner.
We strive to deepen understanding between us and our stakeholders by conveying clear information on our management principles and business activities to all stakeholders and by accepting opinions on and criticisms of such information in a sincere manner.

(2) Contributing to Society

We strive to actively contribute to society at large by supporting art and culture, cooperating with communities, participating in volunteer activities, contributing to the global community, and engaging in social activities for the environment.

(3) Respecting Local Cultures and Customs

In our international business activities, we respect the culture and custom of each country in which we engage in business activities and strive to promote business activities based on mutual trust with the local community.

7. Operating System