Code of Conduct

4. Respecting Human Rights

(1) Respecting Human Rights without Discrimination

  1. Respecting Human Rights
    We respect the human rights of all persons involved in our business activities as well as of our employees, and will not commit any violence, violent or abusive language, disparagement, defamation, harassment, contempt and/or forcing on any person to work by use of intimidation.
  2. Prohibition of Discrimination
    We do not engage in unreasonable discrimination against any person on the basis of origin, nationality, race, color, ethnicity, creed, religion, gender, age, disability, hobby, academic background, political orientation, union affiliation, marital status or whatever in our recruitment, employment, promotion, compensation, training or the like.
  3. Prohibition of Harassment
    We strive to maintain a healthy workplace environment at all times, and will not engage in any speech or conduct of a sexual nature which is offensive or annoying to others nor will we commit any act which may be mistaken for harassment.
    We do not engage in any unjust coercion or similar act by taking advantage of our superior position over our subordinates or business partners.
  4. No Unfair Labor Practice
    We do not allow any forced labor or child labor in any country or region.

(2) Ensuring Industrial Safety and Health

  1. Ensuring Industrial Safety and Health
    We strive to create a safe and healthy workplace environment, and understand and comply with all applicable laws and regulations and internal rules related to industrial safety and health. We do not bring any hazardous materials into the company’s premises without permission.
  2. Preventing Accidents and Recurrence
    We strive to prevent accidents. In case of any accident, we report it immediately and complete prescribed procedures without fail in order to minimize damage and prevent recurrence.

(3) Creating and Maintaining Comfortable Working Conditions

  1. Respecting Individuality and Ensuring Fair Assessment
    We respect diversity, personality and individuality of our employees and create a working environment where various personnel can demonstrate their ability.
    We strive to assess employees’ performance fairly and objectively and to treat employees according to results of such assessment.
  2. Maintaining Healthy Working Conditions
    We ensure that the number of days and hours of work is kept within the bounds permitted by applicable laws and regulations in each country and region.
    Under no circumstances will we force employees to work excessively or overtime. 
    Supervisors will pay attention to their subordinates’ mental and physical health at all times.

5. Creating Harmony with the Environment