SII Environmental Vision

On the occasion of SII's 80th anniversary in 2017, we have formulated an "Environmental Vision"*1 that looks to the future of environmental management from SII's perspective.
It highlights SII's direction based on achieving a sustainable society by coexistence with nature, low carbon, and material cycle.

In 2022, the idea was changed from low carbon at the time of formulation to decarbonization. In addition, SII is working to achieve a decarbonized society in compliance with the long-term targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions established by its parent company, Seiko Group Corporation.

[Greenhouse gas emissions reduction target]*2

 Scope 1 & 2:42% reduction from 2020 level
 Scope 3:25% reduction from 2020 level
Aim to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

*2 Based on the 1.5 °C level of SBTi (Science Based Targets), a science-based greenhouse gas emissions reduction target operated and promoted by SBTi (Science Based Targets initiative).

SII Environmental Vision

*1 Detail of Environmental Vision
SII was founded in 1937 as a watch manufacturer, and its corporate identity is "Creating Time, Optimizing Time, Enriching Time". As a corporation focused on "time," we pursue the creation of a sustainable society by "enriching time for the Earth and people." This means that SII is making a commitment to "enriching time" that the Earth and people are enjoying, and we hope that enriched "time," which also involves sustainability, will continue into the future.
Innovation is essential for our Environmental Vision, and it cannot be actualized if we continue to work as we have done in the past. However, SII has led in the area of technological innovation to create quartz watches, and has developed new businesses by harnessing its "SYO"ism* technology that has been honed by the processes involved in SII's well-established history of watchmaking. In April 2020, the watch business was transferred to Seiko Watch Corporation as part of the restructuring of the Seiko Holdings Group (now Seiko Group).
We remain committed to pursuing innovations by leveraging our "SYO"ism technology and strive to make a contribution to achieving enriched, sustainable time.

* "SYO"ism signifies three keys of our technological philosophies: "Craftmanship," "Miniaturization," and "Efficiency."