Seiko Instruments Inc. Precision Machinery Division


Lending Service

Free lend service of a product is being performed for evaluating process before purchase in SII to be convinced a customer more and have buy a product. You can confirm high performance which SII's spindle is proud in the production environment with your hand.

Evaluated spindle lend target product

High Frequency Spindles Max speed
SSPG-030 T230 30,000 23.0
SSPG-045 T100 45,000 10.0
SSPG-075 T045 75,000 4.5
SSPG-090 T025 SCT 90,000 2.5
SSPG-150 S010 150,000 0.94
High Frequency Rotary Dresser Max speed
SD-020 S001AE 20,000 0.1
SD-020 S001 20,000 0.1

Please refer a catalog about the detail specification of the spindle.

*This is the service which premised on introduction consideration of a product.
It can't lend for any other purpose.

Special Specifications Entry Sheet