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SSPG Series




Housing diameter
Tool interface
Screw + Fitting bore (possible to customize to ATC/Manual HSK/Collet)

There is a growing need for ultra-precision machining in a wide range of fields (e.g. machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and electronic component manufacturing machines). We developed with pursue high-precision and generality our SSPG Series to meet these wide-ranging needs. It is possible to support all processes from rough machining to finish machining with one spindle through the realization of higher precision, power and rigidity. Moreover, customization is simple, so we are also able to change the specifications to those for grinding or milling. We will be realized customer's needs by SSPG series.

Features (SSPG Series)

(1.1 to 2.1 times conventional models with the same speed)
Energy conservationReduction in air consumption compared to conventional models, The lubricating oil consumption is 1/6.
High-rigidityLarge diameter bearing adopted models.
High-precsionWe have adopted UP grade bearings.
High-speed ~150,000min-1
GeneralityThe customization added to customer's needs is possible.
CompatibilityMounting compatibility with spindles manufactured overseas
(*There is no mounting compatibility with our M/H Series.)


ModelMax speed
Housing dia.
SSPG-030 T33030,00033.015.0φ150
SSPG-030 T23030,00023.014.6φ150
SSPG-045 T10045,00010.03.23φ120
SSPG-060 T03760,0003.70.57φ100
SSPG-075 T04575,0004.50.57φ100
SSPG-090 T02590,0002.50.27φ100
SSPG-150 S010150,0000.940.06φ80

SII Green Products

SII Green Products

[SSPG-045, SSPG-075 is authorized as a SII Green Products.]

In December 2001, SII introduced the SII Green Product Label System, which is equivalent to the ISO 14021 Type II environmental label. This aims to raise public awareness of our eco-friendly products.

View the detail of SII Green Products.