Environmental Activities

SII Group Environmental Policy

Environmental Concept

The SII Group will continue to harmonize its corporate activities with the global environment, designate the “Three Green” concept consisting of Green Process, Green Products and Green Life as our basic concept, promote and conduct environmental activities, and contribute to the establishment of a sustainable society that can coexist with nature.

SII Group Environmental Policy

Environmental Activities at Micro-Energy Division

[ Environment & Quality Policy ]

Seiko Instruments Inc., Micro-Energy Division is located in Ayashi, a city with beautiful nature, in Miyagi Prefecture. Our aim is to provide customer satisfaction and harmony with the environment through all our products, from Micro battery to other electronic products, and sales activities.

  1. We adhere firmly to laws, regulations and customers’ specified requirements.
  2. We aim to prevent pollution, to reduce CO , and to conserve biodiversity.
  3. We set goals, take actions, conduct regular reviews, and improve the system and performance continuously.
  4. We contribute to the society by supporting green procurement, developing green products, and promoting green life activity.
  5. We adhere to regulations and recommodations regarding Chemical substance content in our products and will promote reduction and replacement.
  6. We vigorously educate ourselves and try to engage voluntarily in green life activity.

Based on the above policy, the following seven environmental approaches are now being implemented throughout Micro-Energy Division

1. Enrich the line up of Eco-Products

We introduced the SII Green Product Label System which is equivalent to the ISO 14021 Type II environmental label.
At the end of FY2006, 100% of our products are certified as SII Green Products. In addition, 43 products are certified as SII “High Grade” Green Products.

2. Reduction of Greenhouse Gas

We practice various CO reduction measures like using Eco-machinery. Since 1997, we have successfully reduced a total of 67,600 tons of CO . We believe our efforts contribute to the prevention of global warming.

3. 3R Promotion Activity

We have promoted the “reduce and reuse” activities and also promoted recycling at the end of the production process.
With these activities, we achieved “Zero-emission” in 2004. We have reduced the non-recyclable wastes to less than 1 ton – less than 1% of our 1997 results.



4. Biodiversity Conservation

We endeavor to deepen our understanding on the relevancy between biodiversity and our business activities, and to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity by participating local community activities.

5. Green Purchasing

We adhere to a green purchasing campaign through the purchase of ingredients, manufacturing materials, and other necessary products, whenever appropriate.

6. Green Life

With the participation of all of Micro-Energy Division members, we deploy a clean-up and beautification campaign in all areas surrounding our factory once a year. In addition, we participate in the clean up activity at Hirose River once a year.

7. Conflict Minerals

Recognizing the international importance of conflict minerals issue, we prohibit the use of such minerals.