COO's Address to New Employees
COO/ Akio Irie

Congratulate on your entry into the company. We are very happy to welcome you as the new members of SII.

As you very well know, the time is bringing about a big change now. Progress of the technology centering on information has brought about a big change. The era of producing in large quantities and selling in large quantities has already ended. It can be said that now is the time when the consumer chooses the goods and the manufactures. Therefore, it is now difficult to continue with the development in a way that suits to the interest of the enterprise. It is now necessary to discern the enterprise into an entity, which can develop by responding to the consumer’s voice or to the change in the market, and to make the organization suitable for it. In other words, we need a big change in our way of thinking like the one that was brought about by the change from Ptolemaic theory to Copernican theory.

In such environment, we are aiming at the company which can lead the 21st century, and we have “SII21 Scheme” to advance reforms for that purpose. The reforms are centered on three areas: business structure, personnel structure, and financial structure. And corresponding to environmental change by “creation and challenge” in the current fiscal year, which is regarded as the year that will build the foundation towards the future development. To go ahead corresponding to the change in environment, we must change our way of thinking in correspondence to what is referred to as “Going ahead by raising our own speed” by taking prompt action against the change, that is being “Agile”. Moreover, it must not be self-complacent, the voice of “the consumer” must be heard, and it must be reflected in the business. The posture of staying with the “former” situation is not applicable any more, we must face the “challenge” and carry out by “creating” a new environment, which is very important.

You, as the new employees, are the members who will build the future SII. I want you to argue, understand and be convinced without adhering yourselves to the past and come forward as the person of prompt action. Let’s work together and do our best in order to develop our SII.

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