Seiko Instruments Releases Innovative Convenience Timer IC for Automotive Applications
- S-35710 Series convenience timer - high-accuracy, low current consumption (200nA) CMOS timer IC enabling improved regulation of automotive emissions and EV battery safety.

CHIBA, Japan — Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) announced the release of the new S-35710 series convenience timer designed to improve performance of automotive emissions regulation systems and enhance EV battery safety.
The S-35710 series is designed to meet exacting automotive emissions regulations, such as EURO 6.
The regulations call for the status management of different facets of the Fi-ECU (fuel injection system) after engine shut-down. For example, controlling the catalyst activation status based on elapsed time and temperature; periodically managing fuel vaporization volume (with the use of pressure detection to check for fuel leaks); and calculating the fuel vaporization volume during the time the vehicle is non-operational.
These functions typically require an operating microcontroller. However, by utilizing the S-35710 series convenience timer, which has a ultra-low current consumption of only 200nA, the need to maintain power to the microcontroller during non-measurement periods is eliminated, drastically decreasing standby ECU (engine control unit) power consumption.
The S-35710 series is also suitable for detecting the down periods of electric vehicles, i.e. the period of time the vehicle is not in use.
In addition, it can help monitor the battery management systems (BMS) of electric vehicle batteries when they are not charged by notifying the owner that the vehicle has not been used for a half year; detecting time parameters, such as the number of days during which the vehicle has not been used; and detecting the late-night power time for charging a vehicle during sleep mode (in conjunction with other clocks).
The timer supports both Write (alarm clock) and Read (stopwatch) modes and can be programmed in 1 second increments extending from 1 second to 194 days. It can also withstand the demanding automotive environment, where temperatures run as high as 125 degrees C. The package is small 8-pin TMSOP.


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