SII propose three merits

A Global Market Leader of Rotor Magnet for Watches

We, Seiko Instruments Inc., propose three merits of our samarium cobalt magnet.
Seiko Instruments’ samarium cobalt magnet guarantees a high quality design, and contributes to differentiate your products from other manufacturers’ products.

1. Superior Heat Resistance

The Curie temperature (Tc)* of our samarium cobalt (Sm Co) magnet is higher than 800 deg-C. This superior heat resistance enables reflow soldering for mounting process.

Comparison of Heat-Demagnetizing factor (Flux value)

* Curie temperature: The temperature at which a ferromagnetic substance becomes paramagnetic on heating.
Heat-Demagnetizing factor varies, depending on usage environment and conditions. This does not guarantee heatresistant temperature.

2. Small Dispersion of Magnetic Characteristics

Seiko Instruments has successfully created its innovative processing technology in order to minimize dispersion of magnetic characteristics.

  • Precision processing technology : Dimensional tolerance in microns
  • Powder controlling technology : Minimization in dispersion of magnetic characteristics

Dispersion of magnetic characteristics

3. Applicable for a different variety of Size and Configuration

Seiko Instruments is a global market leader of rotor magnets for watches. The innovative technology and experience in successfully developing and manufacturing rotor magnets promise to meet your requirements.

* Contact the sales office to discuss for different sizes.