Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing Processes of DIANET

Manufacturing Processes in the Current Brochure


Composite materials are resolved at high temperatures to generate an alloy.

Pulverization and powder processing

The alloy is pulverized into particles that have a size of several microns.

Horizontal and vertical magnetic field molding

Magnet powder is pressed into shapes in the magnetic field and the easy to magnetize direction of the powder is aligned with the orientation direction to improve magnetic characteristics. When the application direction of the magnetic field is perpendicular to the pressure direction, this processing is called the horizontal magnetic field molding. When the application direction is parallel to the pressure direction, this processing is called the vertical magnetic field molding.


Shaped green compacts are sintered with heat treatment. Heat treatment increases density, improving magnetic characteristics.


The magnetic characteristics of the sintered and aged magnet are inspected.


The product is sized according to the customer’s specifications.

Surface processing

Surface processing might be applied to SmCo magnets to improve strength.


The product is magnetized according to the customer’s specifications.


The magnet size, magnetic characteristics, and appearance are inspected based on the product specifications.

Packaging and shipment

The product is packaged so as to prevent damage during transportation for shipping.