SPRON Glossary

Term Term Description
As rolling Roll drawing has completed.
Stress MPa Stress value in fatigue test.
Rate of work Degree of cold deformation processing, such as wire drawing and rolling. Also known as cold working ratio. The working ratio is the quotient of the sectional area divided by the difference between the sectional areas of the material before and after working, expressed in percentage (%).
Vickers hardness Hv. The quotient of the force applied for the indent divided by the surface area of the indent which was produced on the test piece by an indenter (diamond square cone of which angle of opposite faces is 136º).
Strength Mechanical strength such as tensile strength and hardness
Cycle number to fallure N Number of repetitions for fatigue test.
Stiffness MPa(kg/mm ) Maximum stress value in transverse test
Electrical resistivity (μΩ-cm) Electrical resistance ratio specific to a substance
Intensity of magnetization G Magnetic flux density in a 5 KOe magnetic field
(1G=10 -1 mT)
Aging treatment Heat processing to improve mechanical characteristics by applying a specified temperature
Rate of wire drawing The rate of drawing is the quotient of the sectional area difference of material before and after working, divided by the sectional area of pre-worked material, expressed in percentage (%).
Coefficient of linear expansion (1/K (1/ºC)) The rate of length change in accordance with the temperature change
Durability Fatigue characteristics (characteristics resistant against repeated loads)
Corrosion resistance Durability against corrosive gases and solvent
Heat resistance Resistance to degredation of characteristics, such as mechanical strength, in a high temperature environment
Young’s modulus GPa(kg/mm ) Proportional constant existing between vertical stress and vertical strain
Elasticity Young’s modulus and modulus of rigidity
Heat treatment Heat application and cooling of metallic materials in appropriate conditions to gain desired characteristics
Non-magnetic material Property of barely being influenced, if at all, by magnetism
Tensile strength MPa(kg/mm ) Maximum stress value for tensile test
Modulus of relaxation Relaxation degree due to repeated loading by tensile coil spring model
Bending stress Force in specified area that arises when material is bent
S-N curves for the bending fatigue Graph showing the results of bending fatigue test (Stress and repetition counts are logarithmically expressed in the vertical and horizontal axes, respectively.)
Mass flow controller Precision gas flow amount controller used to generate semiconductor or other laminates
Metal diaphragm Metal diaphragm for valve (division plate). As some examples, the metal diaphragm is used for ultra-high-purity fluid, toxic gas, and combustion enhancing gas, which are required in the semiconductor manufacturing processes.
Modulus of rigidity GPa(kg/mm ) Proportional constant between stress and shear strain when shear force is applied
Cold working Deformation processing performed at normal temperature

* The above glossary was created based on terms appearing in the SII catalogues and does not certify the contents and products.