Renewal of homepage "Toki wo Manabou" for children on Memorial Day, June 10

The homepage for children, which is operated jointly by three companies (Seiko Corporation (CEO:Koichi Murano), Seiko Instruments Inc.(COO:Akio Irie), and Seiko Epson Corporation(CEO :Saburo Kusama)) which is known as” Toki wo Manabou”( will celebrate the 2nd anniversary on June 10 with its renewal on the Memorial Day.

We were concerned about the children’s consideration of “the time and time period” and so thought of developing it into a homepage concept so that the parents, teachers and children, could enjoy it as well. For that purpose, June 10, 2000 was chosen as “the Memorial Day” to set up “Toki wo Manabou”. The character of “Omedeta star” drawn by Mr. Hikonu Norio was used to develop classroom lessons on the wonders of time and time period for ” The Class Room of Time”. It is continued since then with new updates of pleasing and intelligible contents every month. The contents that can even be enjoyed by the adults together with the children have been managed well for every body to understand the program easily, and this homepage has been viewed by many exceeding the 160,000 page view of the month. Moreover, support has been obtained from the books for children and from the educational sites.

In this renewal, the “Fushigi quiz” corner has been newly established so as to motivate the children towards its utilization with interest. Although it is successful in providing the knowledge and information so far, hereafter, it will be aiming at investigating and learning by the children.

We will continue with “Toki wo Manabou” through which, the importance of “Time” could be imbibed in minds of children who are going to be the future of this 21st Century.

[Details of Renewal]
New Corner “Wonder Quiz”

Ten teachers of star character set ten questions from science, universe, nature, etc. every month. The system provides with the correct answers and description by sending mails to all panelists when the answers are transmitted from the web.

*Example of Question of June*
You must have heard about this proverb that “Time is money” It means that”time”is very important and should not be wasted. Which experiment was performed by Benjamin Franklin of the United States which formed a proverb “time is golden”
(1) Experiment of Lightening,
(2) Experiment of Electricity,
(3) Experiment of Gravity.

New Corner “Watch and People”
There are unexpected occurrences and unexpected recollections with which one watch was loaded also by a famous historical person. The person in the history with involvement in those watches is taken up, and the episode of the people and watches is introduced in the tale-story form. The contents in June are “the watch trusted by Naomi Uemura, the explorer.”

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