Commencing Animation Distribution ASP Service "AniCaJp " for Cellular Phones
-Patent application filed- JAVA enabled video messaging

Seiko Instruments, Inc. (abbreviated : SII, COO : Akio Irie , Head office : Chiba-shi, Chiba) with the cooperation of Studio Bull Terrier Inc.(CEO : Hiromi Agawa, Head Office : Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa), Quad Elements, Inc. (CEO : Kenji Sato, Head Office : Minato-ku, Tokyo), has started animation distribution service “AniCaJp ” from May 31 for cellular phones [corresponding to Java of NTT DoCoMo, J-Phone and au company (*1) ].These days, communication by a cellular phone with multimedia application is progressing and the service not only uses a still picture but also its animation, which attracts more attention. In order to receive the animation service with the cellular phone conventionally, “FOMA” of DoCoMo, “Movie Photo mail” of J-phone, the “Movie cellular phone” of au, etc. were required for the cellular phone as an exclusive function. However, when the model (*2) that carries the Java function of “AniCaJp” is used, animation can be reproduced and can be seen with the same cellular phone, which usually can show only a still picture. Moreover, music data and sound (*3) can also be reproduced simultaneously and communication-the rich power of expression, which was not available until now, can be obtained. In addition, on transmission and reception of the animation, a user can receive this service for free (*4). While starting the service at these three companies, which perform distribution of video messages and animation cards, the ASP service (*5) has also been provided by these companies.

The main applications of this service are as follows.

(Case1) When animation is sent to Java Cell Phone via a personal computer from a digital camera or a digital video
An individual can take photographs with the digital camera or the video camera and send it to “AniCaJp”, where it is changed into pocket size automatically on the server, and distributed to Java cell phones.

(Case2) When animation is sent to Java cellular phone from a personal computer
A message is attached to the video prepared before hand, and sent to “AniCaJp” where it is distributed in a similar manner.

(Case3) When animation is sent to Java cell phone from the cellular phone with camera (*6)
The picture taken by the cellular phone with camera is sent to “AniCaJp”, where it is animated for each carrier of the server, and distributed to Java cell phones.Moreover, in “AniCaJp”, where scroll text, animation, etc. can be separately displayed at the time of download of video data, and the reproduction of animation, it is possible to use this as an advertising medium. The high advertisement appeal by the animation can be performed on the cellular phone. In “AniCaJp”, the service can provide total support from Web design required for the animation contents to the operation and support. Furthermore, it can be used for company promotion, campaign and the greeting cards sending from a portal site, video messages, etc.
“AniCaJp”service can be seen on the URL address given on the right.

(*1) Transmission service for J-Phone and au cell phones is scheduled from the end of June.
(*2) Distributed number of Java- loaded cellular phone: at least 13 million 2nd generation model 503i series (i-application type) with i-mode are now in use. If J-Phone and the Java loaded model of au are added to this, about 15 million sets of cellular phones can receive “AniCaJp” service.
(*3) Only music when the service starts
(*4) The charges of communication becomes the visitor’s burden
(*5) Application Service Provider
(*6) It is a service that is scheduled to start from summer of this year. Each product, service name, etc. are the registered trademarks of each company, or a trade name.

Studio Bull Terrier Inc.

Head office: 1-4-12, Hiyoshihon-cho, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken
TEL: 045-560-1830
CEO: Hiromi Agawa
Established: March, 1997
Capital: 1,222,715,000 yen
Business areas: Development/sale of computer softwares associated with pictures and networks

Object control technology “ORC” (Object Runtime Control:oak) of company development is adopted as the Java player of “AniCaJp.” This is the original technology carried out in the industrial graphic tool “FARLUX (fur RAKKUSU)” of the company, which has many introductory actual results in broadcast and game work field. It incorporates animations in a picture document as it is. A part of document can be converted into animation mode by simplifying conventionally the complicated animation work environment realized only in combination with a movie. The frame is cut off to set up the inside of the picture document arbitrarily. The work and distribution of colorful contents in motion graphics, such as CG, animation, and a game, or a text are attained in the limited display domains, such as of a cellular phone.

Studio Bull Terrier Inc.
Reference: Marketing department Kono
Tel: 045-560-1830 Fax: 045-560-1493

Quad Elements Inc.
Head Office: 6-4-18 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3586-3061
CEO: Satoh Kenji
Established: October, 1998
Capital: 10,000,000 Yen
Business areas: Sale of plans of homepage and contents, manufacturing devices for computer and non linear video editing, consultingIn AniCaJp”, WEB work accompanying this service, image processing, and data-processing business are performed.

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