SII NanoTechnology Inc. introduces the Soil Monitor SEA1100, the Compact, Lightweight and High-sensitivity Fluorescent X-ray Soil Monitor designed for on-site investigation

SII NanoTechnology Inc., a subsidiary of Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII), announced today that it will release a Soil Monitor SEA1100, a compact, lightweight and high-sensitivity fluorescent X-ray soil monitor dedicated to detect soil contaminant metals from the beginning of November 2005.

Amid growing concerns about soil pollution as a big social issue, the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Law was enacted on February 15, 2003 in Japan. The law imposes upon landowners the duty for soil investigation and appropriate soil pollution control before constructing buildings, condominiums, etc. at the vacant site where pollution is suspected. In order to reduce soil pollution, it is critical to correctly realize a pollution status and take measures at the site depending upon the respective situations. Reuse of the vacant site after factory use, etc. has steadily increased contamination by soil contaminant metals, such as arsenic (As), lead (Pb), and cadmium (Cd) over the years. This has accelerated the necessity for the investigation of soil pollution using a fluorescent X-ray analyzer that allows for simple analysis of soil contaminant metals at the sampling site.

Soil pollution investigations using a conventional energy dispersive fluorescence X-ray analyzer have remained several problems, including reduction of influence of iron (Fe) in soil that affects lead detection, accurate detection of arsenic and lead, whose fluorescence X-rays peak position overlaps, improvement in sensitivity, and weight saving for easy investigation at the sampling site. SII NanoTechnology has succeeded in solving these problems and putting the SEA1100 on the market. The SEA1100 makes it possible to simply and accurately detect soil contaminant metals in a short time at the sampling site.

SII NanoTech has sold over 2000 fluorescence X-ray analyzers worldwide since the company started its sale in 1987. In recent years, the company has remarkably expanded the sale in the filed of investigation of hazardous metals contained in electric and electronic parts. The SEA1100 debuted this time is a hazardous metal analyzer dedicated to soil investigation based on the company’s proprietary fluorescent X-ray analysis technology and usability-oriented product development concept.

[Features of the SEA1100 Soil Monitor]
1. Portable, lightweight and compact

The weight was reduced to 40 kg. This is about half the weight of conventional analyzers. Liquid nitrogen is not required for cooling the detector. An easy-to-carry folding handle is built in.

2. High Sensitivity
Adopting a tungsten X-ray tube allows for easy analysis of arsenic and lead. The company improved the sensitivity for cadmium analysis that has so far been deemed difficult up to about 4 times that of conventional analyzers.

3. Highly-accurate Detection
Conventional analyzers are not ideal for the measurement of lead under the influence of iron. A newly adopted secondary filter reduces the influence of iron, this allowing users to measure lead accurately. Because the peaks of arsenic and lead have been detected at the same position, it was not easy to distinguish between arsenic and lead. To remove this drawback, the company has developed a peak separation function that allows the peaks of arsenic and lead to be correctly separated and accurately detected.

4. Easy Measurement and Analysis
This device provides everyone with easy measurement and analysis. The Hazardous Substance High Speed Measurement Software installed checks whether specific hazardous substances exceed the threshold value and indicates the checked result by “OK” or “NG”. Accordingly, no analytical skill or special knowledge about the measurement apparatus is required to operators. Data after measurement will be sent to spreadsheet software, and will be automatically output in the report format.

5. Safety-conscious Interlock Mechanism
The SEA1100 is shielded so that X-rays may not leak outside. Its built-in safety-conscious interlock mechanism is designed not to radiate X-rays unless the door is closed firmly. This allows for safe and dependable operation for all users.

Dimensions: 410 (W) x 600 (D) x 370 (H) cm
Weight: 40 kg
Elements Measured: Atomic number 13 (Al) to 92 (U)
Sample Form: Solid, fine Particles, liquid
Detector: Si semiconductor detector (liquid nitrogen-free detector)
Irradiation Area: round 5 mm, 10 mm (automatic change)
Sample Observation: Color CCD Camera
Filter: Primary: 4-mode automatic change; secondary: 2-mode automatic change
Sample Chamber: 15 (W) x 15 (D) x 8 (H) cm
Power Supply: 100 VAC

8 million yen (planned)

[Start of Sale]
November 2005 (planned)

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