Regarding the Data Breach Due to Unauthorized Access to Our Servers

The following corporate information was posted, August 22, 2023, by Seiko Group Corporation.

We had previously announced on August 10, 2023, about the unauthorized access to our servers (*). This unauthorized access was the result of a ransomware attack. Due to this incident, we have verified that certain information relating to our business partners and employees of the Seiko Group companies has been leaked. Currently, we have established an emergency response team and are collaborating with external cyber security experts to assess the full extent of the damage, determine its impact, and investigate its causes. Regarding this matter, we have already reported to the Personal Information Protection Commission and are working closely with law enforcement agencies to resolve the incident.

(*) Announcement on August 10, 2023: Notice of Data Breach and Response, [] .

We will contact those who might have been affected separately. We kindly request our customers and stakeholders of Seiko Group Corporation and our group companies, if you receive any suspicious emails or notifications, please do not open them or click on any links. Please contact us immediately.

We sincerely apologize for causing this situation, bringing inconvenience and concern to all related parties and stakeholders. We will continue our efforts to protect and restore the affected servers and certain systems, in collaboration with external cyber security experts, and work on strengthening security and revisiting our measures to prevent any reoccurrence.  Thank you for your understanding.


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