Watch and Movement Business

SII, founded in 1937 as a member of the Seiko Group specializing in the manufacture of watches, has leveraged its core competency to create high precision watches and movements that are treasured by people around the world, cooperating closely with Seiko Watch Corporation which engages in planning and sales of watches.

雫石高級時計工房 ムーブメント自動組み立てライン

Pursuing the essence of the watch while also maintaining traditional style, we integrate all steps in the production process, i.e., planning, development, design, and manufacture of high-end mechanical watches representing Seiko such as Grand Seiko, the most prestigious Japan-made brand that continues to evolve, and Credor dress watch that has an ultra-thin mechanical movement, which is only 1.98 mm thick, one of the thinnest in the world.

In addition, we also engage in development, design, and manufacture of fashion watches, which are an indispensable fashion item for young people, and sports watches, which support athletes during training and competition.


Furthermore, regarding the quartz and mechanical movements that are the heart of the watch, we handle every stage of manufacturing in-house from the making of the parts to assembly, and market watches worldwide. The stable quality, high precision, and superb performance of our products are highly valued, and our market-leading movements are spreading to every corner of the world.