Seiko Instruments Technology (Shanghai) Inc.

Seiko Instruments Technology (Shanghai) Inc.
3F, No.168 Meisheng Road, Wai gaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Shanghai 200131, China
Business Lines
Inspection, manufacture and storage of electronic components
21th June 2006
Number of Employees
119 (as of March 31, 2023)
ISO14001 Certification Date
July 2012

Site Introduction

Seiko Instruments Technology (Shanghai) Inc. (SITS) was founded on 21th June 2006, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII). The main business lines are final test and taping for ICs. ME (Capacitor/Battery) post-process manufacture, test and taping business lines were established in March 2008. In May 2013, two new business lines were established: ME (Capacitor) pre-process manufacture and SE (Smart Energy) test.

In September 2011, the company established the environmental system, and obtained the ISO14001 certification in July 2012. SITS attaches great importance to environment protection.

Environmental Policy

Environmental Concept

The SII Group, as an excellent company, aims for developing the harmony between companies’ production activities and global environmental protection, focuses on preserving and improving the environment, and strives for protecting sustainable and evolving society that coexists and harmonizes with nature.

Environmental Activity Guidelines

Environment management activities are one of the most important work of production and management of our company. We try our best to find out the factors which may affect the environment in our producing activity, production and service. We also improve these factors constantly in proper technology and financial condition. All related employees in our company are the beneficiary and supervisor of this environment management system. Therefore, we promise to do the following:

  1. Strictly comply with national and local laws and regulations related to environment and other requirements.
  2. Be according to the relevant requirements, self set goals and standards, and protect the regional environment.
  3. Establish the organization to promote the environmental protection activities, and accept the comments and complaints from employees of all classes in our company.
  4. Gradually promote the management of harmful chemical substances in products and materials by following the laws of different countries and user requests.
  5. Start activities for saving resources and energy (electricity, water, paper, etc.), reducing emission, preventing global warming and protecting biological diversity.
  6. Enhance the education and training of environmental knowledge, and improve employee's environmental conservation awareness.
  7. Announce the environmental policy to all employees and relevant organizations, and open to the public.

FY2022 Topics

- SITS has been consolidating emergency procedure manuals regarding actions andcommunication. Through periodic emergency response trainings based on the procedures,employees can check if the procedures are effective and then learn emergency countermeasures toprevent the spread of environmental contamination.

Environmental performance data (FY2022)

Environmental performance data