SII Semiconductor Corporation to Release Series of LDO Regulators with Power Monitoring Output, Reducing Power Consumption of Wearable and IoT Devices
-- Can monitor battery voltage with microcontroller without external resistors --


SII Semiconductor Corporation, an affiliate of Seiko Instruments Inc., announced that in October it will release the S-174x Series of LDO regulators with ultra-low current consumption, helping to reduce the power consumption of wearable and IoT devices. The S-174x Series is the industry’s first LDO regulator to come equipped with a power monitor output function. The series is designed for optimal use with low-voltage microcontrollers for wearable devices and other equipment.

The power monitor output function divides the battery voltage of the input to the LDO regulator, by half or one-third, and outputs the divided voltage for power monitoring. The power monitoring output voltage is connected to the A/D converter of a low-voltage microcontroller, making it possible to monitor the battery voltage (input voltage of the regulator). The S-174x Series eliminates the need for external resistors used in conventional systems to divide the voltage for battery monitoring. This new series also features an ultra-low current consumption of 0.5μA, helping to reduce power consumption of wearable and IoT devices and extend battery life.

The power monitoring output is an analog output, which allows users to set multiple threshold values for battery voltage monitoring on the microcontroller side. This allows the user to turn off the communication function and record data logs only when the battery voltage falls to a specified level. When the voltage drops further, the user can switch the device to standby mode and stop power consumption to prevent system malfunction. 

The S-174x Series of LDO regulators is available in ultra-small packages like the HSNT-6 (1.2×1.2×0.4mm) and the HSNT-4 (1.0×1.0×0.4mm), which help allow for improved thinness of the design which is optimal for wearable and IoT devices.  The SOT-23-5 (2.8×2.9×1.3mm) package is also an option. 

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