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SCX Series (SC-20S) SMD Type Quartz Crystal

  • Conforms to “AEC-Q200”
  • SMD type suitable for high density surface mounting.
  • Excellent shock and heat resistance.
  • Pb-free.
  • Complies with EU RoHS directive
  • A crystal resonator processed by high reliable photo-lithographic technology inside.

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Item Symbol Specifications
Nominal Frequency f_nom 32.768kHz
Frequency Tolerance f_tol ±20 x 10-6

※Please contact us for inquiries regarding available tolerance.

Turnover Temperature Ti +25±5ºC
Parabolic Coefficient B (−0.028±20%) x 10-6/ºC2
Load Capacitance CL 6.0pF, 7.0pF, 9.0pF, 12.5pF

※Please contact us for inquiries regarding available CL.

Motional Resistance(ESR) R1 90kΩ Max.
Absolute Maximum Drive Level DLmax. 1.0μW Max.
Drive Level DL 0.1μW typ.
Shunt Capacitance 0 1.3pF typ.
Frequency Ageing f_age ±3 x 10-6/Year
Operating Temperature T_use −55ºC to +125ºC
Storage Temperature T_stg −55ºC to +125ºC