Quartz Crystal Business History

SII’s Quartz Crystal products manufactured in Japan and Singapore are used in a wide variety of consumer and industrial products, and are recognized globally for their high quality.


Apr. 1956 “Tochigi Koseki Kojo” was established in Hinode-cho, Tochigi City as a specialized factory manufacturing wristwatch bearing jewels.
Apr. 1962 New factory was built in Hirai-cho, Tochigi City.
Apr. 1963 New factory began to assemble mechanical watches.
Apr. 1968 Company name was officially changed to “Tochigi Koseki”
Oct. 1973 Received Minister of Labor Prize for Effort for improvement of labor health environment.
Apr. 1975 Started production of electronic circuit block for quartz wristwatches.
Apr. 1976 Started mass produciton of quartz crystal unit for quartz wristwatches.
Jul. 1980 Received Minister of Labor Progress Prize for workplace safety control.
Apr. 1985 Tochigi Koseki and Sendai Precision Materials Laboratory merged into
Seiko Electronic Components Co., Ltd.
Oct. 1987 Asian Electronic Technology Pte. Ltd. (AET) was established in Singapore as an overseas facility for quartz crystal unit assembly.
Mar. 1992 Abolished the use of CFCs for global environmental protection.
Nov. 1994 Seiko Electronic Components Co., Ltd. was merged into
Seiko Instruments & Electronics Ltd. (currently Seiko Instruments Inc.)
Mar. 1996 Obtained ISO9001.
Feb. 1998 Obtained ISO14001.
Mar. 2002 Obtained QS9000.
Oct. 2003 Received Tochigi Labor Department’s Director Bureau Prize for Encouragement for safety and health activities.
Feb. 2006 Received the Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Excellent Energy Conservation Factory, Director General Prize.
Mar. 2013 TS16949 Certified.
Apr. 2013 The Tochigi unit of SII crystal division is split as ” SII Crystal Technology Inc.”.
Oct. 2016 Received “Excellence Award” from the National THP Promotion Council.
Jan. 2017 From Tochigi Labor Bureau certified as a company promoting “good work good home” declaration.