IC matching information

SII conducts circuit matching investigation of our quartz oscillator.

The results of the survey will be disclosed below.

IC Maker Model name/Matching data Surveyd products
Dialog Semiconductor DA1458x series SC-32S,SC-20S,SC-16S



ML62Q1000 series VT-200F,SC-32S
ML62Q2500 group VT-200F,SSP-T7-F,SC-32S,SC-20S,SC-16S
Nordic Semiconductor nRF5x series SC-32S,SC-20S,SC-16S,SC-12S
R7F0E01xxxxxx(RE0 series) SC-32S,SC-20S,SC-16S,SC-12S
RX671 group VT-200F,SSP-T7-F/FL,SC-32S,SC-32P
RA2L1 group SSP-T7-F/FL,SC-32S,SC-32P,SC-32L,
RA8M1 group SSP-T7-F/FL,SC-32S,SC-32L,
RX140 group SSP-T7-F/FL,SC-32L,SC-32S,


RX660 group SSP-T7-F,SC-32P,SC-32S,


STMicroelectronics STM32 series SSP-T7-FL,SC-32P,SC-32S,SC-20S,SC-16S
Texas Instruments ㏄26xx series SC-32S,SC-20S,SC-16S
ATmega series SSP-T7-F,SC-32S,SC-20S,SC-12S
ATtiny series SSP-T7-F,SC-32S,SC-20S,SC-12S
PIC18 series SSP-T7-F,SC-32S,SC-20S,SC-12S

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Please contact us for the result of detailed usage.

The crystal resonator is a passive component.

There is a possibility that the oscillation state may be changed depends on the IC or board condition.

We recommend to do circuit matching for appropriate usage.