Environmental Activities at Seiko Instruments Inc. Quartz Crystal Division

SII Group Environmental Policy

Environmental Concept

The SII Group will continue to harmonize its corporate activities with the global environment, designate the “Three Green” concept consisting of Green Process, Green Products and Green Life as our basic concept, promote and conduct environmental activities, and contribute to the establishment of a sustainable society that can coexist with nature.

Environmental Activity Guidelines

We will strive to

1.Continue to improve our environmental management system and environmental performance, while performing

advanced activities that respond to the requirements of society to enhance stakeholder value.

2.Not only observe all laws, rules, regulations, agreements and other duties, but also mitigate environmental
risks and prevent environmental pollution.

3.Carry out our tasks with a focus on the following activities based on “SYO”ism*1:

⑴.Providing products and services that minimize their impact on the environment throughout their lifecycles
and can contribute to environmental conservation.

⑵.Proactively promoting eco-friendly, efficient manufacturing.

⑶.Fully enforcing energy conservation measures in the entire business activities and addressing global

⑷.Recognizing the finite nature and the preciousness of resources of the earth, and encouraging their
responsible use.

⑸.Reducing risks arising from chemical substances and promoting the elimination of harmful substances.

4.Promote SII Green Purchasing and ensure proper and strict management of chemical substances contained
in products.

5.Be aware of our impact on biodiversity and all the benefits we receive from it, and make efforts toward
biodiversity conservation.

6.Raise environmental awareness of all employees and encourage them to protect the environment in their
personal lives.

7.Make a social contribution to and achieve accountability for environmental protection, while facilitating
communication with the society.

8.Ask our suppliers for their cooperation in following this policy.

*1 “SYO”ism: SII technology philosophy

Please see here for the status of ISO14001 certification.

Environmental Actions taken by Quartz Crystal Division

1. Provide Environmentally Friendly Products and Services

  • Promote LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)
  • Promote lead-free soldering
  • Expand “Green Purchasing”
  • Expand lineup of SII’s green products
  • Halogen-free

2. Save Energy and Contribute to diminish Global Warming

  • Energy Saving in Production Process
    Promote measures for more efficient operation of air conditioning equipment, etc. to reduce CO2 emissions while expanding sales.

3. Maintain zero emissions and promote resource saving as well as recycling and the reduction of industrial waste.

  • Promoting to abolish any toxic or dangerous material, use environment-friendly substitutes and re-use; quartz crystal electrode membrane, plastic mold resin, lead frame, etc.
  • Promoting resource saving and 3R [Reduce, Re-use, Re-cycle] activities.

4. Encourage Employees to contribute to the Protection of the Environment in their every day life, personal as well as the professional.

  • Stop using ozone-layer depleting materials:
    * SII discontinued specific fluorine at the end of 1991;
    * SII discontinued trichloroethane at the end of 1992;
    * SII discontinued mehtylene chloride at the end of 1996;
  • Establish a green procurement standard, specify materials to be entirely eliminated from products, and promote activities to observe international legal regulations (RoHS and WEEE directives, etc.).

5. Green Life

  • Our manufacturing site is located close to Ohirasan Natural Park. Accordingly we promote planting trees at our site and contribute to neighboring community with closer communication.

6. Trend of Miniaturizing of SMD Quartz Crystal Unit

Series  SSP-T7-F  SC-32S   SC-16S  SC-12S
Area (mm2Max.) 10.5 5.3 1.9 1.43
Height (mm Max.) 1.4 0.85 0.5 0.5
Weight (mg) 28 12 2.8 2.0