SII Technology

SII Products for Daily Use

SII products are playing key roles in a wide variety of areas, including automobiles, smartphones, tablet PCs, and various kinds of industrial equipment.

SII develops and manufactures high-quality watches as a manufacturer integrating the complete production process for luxury mechanical watches including the pinnacle of Seiko brand, Grand Seiko and Credor, and as one of the world’s largest producers of watch movements.

Watch movements

  • Mechanical movements
    Mechanical movements
  • Quartz movements
    Quartz movements


  • Mechanical watches
    Mechanical watches
  • Quartz watches
    Quartz watches
  • Digital watches
    Digital watches

We provide automotive components which require stable operation in severe environments, and high-precision, highly-reliable ABS parts and engine parts.

Electronic components/materials

    (sophisticated metals)
    Rechargeable batteries
    and capacitors

Precision turned parts

  • ABS/engine parts and more
    ABS/engine parts and more

We offer small, low-power consumption CMOS ICs suitable for smartphones, tablet PCs, and wearable devices as well as micro batteries and quartz crystals.

Electronic components

  • Rechargeable batteries and capacitors
    Rechargeable batteries and capacitors
  • Quartz crystals
    Quartz crystals

Our compact, high-speed thermal printers are perfect for printing receipts and are used in a wide range of applications, including POS printers used at grocery stores and cafes, and mobile printers that can smoothly issue receipts in the business of door-to-door sales and home delivery service.

  • Priter mechanism
    Priter mechanism
  • Mobile printer
    Mobile printer
  • POS printer
    POS printer

We provide equipment for industrial use, including grinders for high-precision processing, radiation measurement instruments, high-frequency spindles, inkjet printheads, and other components that are incorporated into other products.


  • Machine tools, FA systems
    Machine tools, FA systems
  • Radiation measurement instruments
    Radiation measurement instruments

Printer components

  • Inkjet print head
    Inkjet print head

Mechanical components

  • Spindle motors
    Spindle motors

SII delivers new-concept musical instrument accessories to the world, and the examples include the Clip-on Tuners which can detect an instrument’s vibrations and measure musical intervals, and the Quartz Pendulum Metronome with Remote Control which allows adjustment of rhythm and volume using a remote control.

  • Metronomes
  • Tuners