Technological Philosophy Craftsmanship, Miniaturization, Efficiency

SII has a proud history of more than 80 years of manufacturing watches in Japan. Our aim has been to provide as many customers as possible with watches that are smaller, more accurate and longer lasting. To achieve this, we have pursued further miniaturization, higher precision and lower power consumption for every component, including the miniature gears in mechanical movements, quartz crystals for watches, semiconductor components and batteries, while developing the fabrication technology for reliable assembly of the more than 200 parts that make up a high-quality watch. This has been a long and arduous journey, possible only because of our strong commitment to quality and technology as well as the wisdom and ingenuity to overcome difficulties.

Our technological philosophy of “Craftsmanship, Miniaturization, Efficiency” has been the key to all of our products: not only watches, but also electronic components and machine tools.