Precautions (Silver Oxide Battery)

Precautions for Your Safety

For using SII Silver Oxide batteries, please follow the following prohibitions.


  • Do not heat, disassemble nor dispose of in fire 
    Doing so damages the insulation materials and may cause fire, heat generation, leakage or bursting.
  • Do not short. 
    If the (+) and (-) come into contact with metal materials, short-circuit occurs. As a result, catching fire, heat generation, leakage or bursting may occur.
  • Keep batteries out of children’s reach. 
    It is dangerous that children swallow the battery. When you design mechanical hardware around the battery, please fix the battery firmly in order to prevent children from removing it. When you store the batteries, please keep the batteries out of children’s reach. If a battery is swallowed, consult a physician immediately.
  • If leaked liquid, alkaline, get in the eyes, do not rub them, wash them with clean water and consult a physician immediately. 
  • If leaked liquid, alkaline, stick to clothing, for protecting irritation, wash them with clean water immediately.


  • Do not reverse placement of (+) and (-) 
  • Do not solder directly to the battery 
  • Do not use new and used batteries together. Do not use different types of batteries together. 
  • Do not charge. 
  • Do not use nor leave the batteries in direct sunlight nor in high-temperature areas. 
  • Keep batteries away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity. 
  • Avoid letting battery contact with water. 
  • Make sure to insert batteries without having (+) and (-) come in contact with metal parts of equipment. 
  • Read the equipment instruction manual and precautions carefully before using. Some usage or types of equipment do not suit the specifications or performance of these batteries. 
  • Remove batteries from the equipment, if finished using. Do not leave batteries connecting with equipment after using. 
  • In case of disposal, insulate between (+) and (-) of battery by an insulating material