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SII’s rechargeable batteries and chip-type EDLCs have been used as backup power supply for real-time clock ICs. Recently they began to support various kinds of medical devices as well.

Rechargeable batteries

Merit: Long time reliability, Long cycle life, Excellent overdischarge characteristics

Application:Blood glucose meter, etc

Product lineup

Chip-type EDLC (Capacitors)

Merit:High reliability、Superior air-tight ceramic package, small and thin size

Application:Blood glucose meter, Insulin pump, etc

Product lineup

SEIZAIKEN, Silver Oxide Battery

Merit:10 mA level of pulse discharge is acceptable with its stable output voltage until the end of the discharging.

Application:Blood glucose meter, Insulin pump, Capsule endoscopy, Thermometer, etc

Product lineup

CPH3225A XH311HG MS412FE MS414GE XH414HG MS518SE MS614SE MS621FE MS920SE