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CPH capacitor is thinnest and smallest chip-type electric double layer capacitor.
The unique ceramic packaging with superior air-tightness is used. As the result, it offers leakage resistance and humidity resistance.
Its heat-resistant design allows for Pb-free reflowable SMT board attachment.

Note: The CPH3225A has polarity. Please ensure that the positive and negative polarity is in the correct direction.

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  • Small and thin size
  • RoHS directive compliant
  • Pb free reflowable: 260deg.C peak
  • Rapid Charge
  • Long Cycle Life

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Type CPH3225A
Max. Use Voltage(V) 3.3
Capacitance(F) 0.011
Internal Impedance(Ω) 160
Size L x W x H(mm) 3.2 x 2.5 x 0.9
Weight(g) 0.024


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  • Backup Power for various devices
  • Super small size power supply

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The example of loading apparatus

  • Personal computer
  • IC card
  • Game machine
  • Handy terminal
  • Video camera
  • various kinds of small appliance, etc.