Designing Charging Circuit (Rechargeable Battery)

Charge Mode

Constant voltage charge (constant voltage and constant resistance charge) is recommended.
Charging current is limited, so be sure to charge via a charge-limiting resistor.
The specified charge voltage must also be observed.

Charge Voltage Range

Observe the specified charging voltage range.
* Charging at a voltage higher than the upper limit may degrade the electrical characteristics or lead to leakage or bursting.
* Charging at a voltage lower than the lower limit significantly reduces discharge capacity.

Charging circuit example

The charging voltage “Vo” must Not be higher than 3.3V (MS series) / 3.1V (ML414H) / 3.0V (TS series).
A resistor must be inserted to regulate the charging current, because our rechargeable batteries have a limit for charging current.
Please see the below table for recommended resistor values.
Those values are minimum for each battery type and “Vo” in the charging circuit.
The following table lists the recommended resistance values. For example, MS614SE and Vo 3.3V, the resistor value
should be 620 ohm or more.

Discharge capacity depends on charging voltage.
Lower charging voltage may cause lower discharge capacity.