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Our Efforts toward Environmental Regulations

We are making positive efforts to respond to various environmental regulations including the RoHS Directive. We have completed making all of our printers compliant with the RoHS Directive in May 2006.
From now on, we will properly maintain our compliance with the laws and regulations through continuous activities of monitoring and measuring the controlled substances.

The RoHS Directive stands for:

[ The Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment ]
This is a directive which the EU (European Union) set for the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic device and equipment, and it was issued in February 2003 together with the WEEE Directive. Accordingly, the directive has banned the use of the certain 6 substances in EU member nations since July 2006.

The WEEE Directive stands for:

[ The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ]
This is the EU (European Union) directive on waste electrical and electronic device and equipment, and it was issued in February 2003 together with the RoHS Directive.

Judgment standards to comply with the 6 substances of RoHS requirements
(Except for the exempted items):

  • Lead: 1000ppm or less
  • Cadmium: 100ppm or less
  • PBB: 1000ppm or less
  • Mercury: 1000ppm or less
  • Hexavalent chromium: 1000ppm or less
  • PBDE: 1000ppm or less


  1. This catalog provides a summary of product specifications. Before using each product, please thoroughly read the technical manual, user's manual, and other manuals which have been prepared by us.
  2. The products listed in this catalog are not allowed to be used as part of any life-support system or any other equipment or system which requires extremely high reliability, without our permission in writing.
  3. When using each product, thoroughly understand the specifications of the product, observe the descriptions and markings for prevention and avoidance of danger, on your products and in the documents such as the manual, and advise and guide your customers (users).


  1. Because of our continuous research for improvements, the contents in this catalog may be changed without prior notice.
  2. Since the photo of each product is printed, the color of the photo may be different from that of the real product. Before use, please check the actual color of the product.
  3. Concerning the use of information, drawings, etc. in this catalog, we shall not guarantee the industrial property, intellectual property, and other rights of a third party or grant their licenses. Accordingly, we will not assume responsibility for violation of the third party's rights attributable to such use.
  4. No part of this catalog may be reprinted. reproduced or used for other purposes without our written permission.
  5. Warranty is limited to the product unit delivered. We will be exempted from responsibility for any damage which may be caused by any defect of this product.