Quartz crystal microbalance (English)


SEIKO EG&G offers 2 types of Quartz Crystal Microbalance system, QCM922A and QCM934 for your applications.

QCM922A can be simultaneously measured resonance frequency (mass change 5 to 30MHz resolution 0.01Hz), resonance resistance (= viscoelastic change) and EQCM (= Potential / Current). QCM922A expands its range of application from gas analysis and polymer absorption in solution to plating and large load samples. Because QCM922A uses separately-excited oscillation method (DDS) and has the wide range of resonance frequency and resistance.
Many electrodes of resonators and cells are supplied for both systems.

QCM934 can be simultaneously measured resonance frequency (25 to 27MHz resolution 0.01Hz), resonance resistance and temperature with high sensitivity and expanded for 4 channel to combine the measurement chamber and module. QCM934 is developed for bio-sensing field and used for the abilities of antigen-antibody reaction / DNA analysis / analysis of the gelling reaction, etc.

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