Resource Circulation

Our Approach to Resource Circulation

As a manufacturer that provides products and services using resources, the depletion of resources is not only an important environmental issue but also has a serious impact on our business management. Based on the concept of the 3Rs, SII strives for effective use of resources and reduction of waste in all of our business activities, as well as effective use of resources and consideration of recyclability from the upstream of our manufacturing process.

FY 2019 Overview: Waste

The FY 2019 actual recycling rate at our sites in Japan was 89%, a decrease of 1 point from FY 2018, but the total amount of waste generated was 1,374 tons, a 14% reduction from FY 2018. Although the recycling rate for sites outside Japan was 69%, a decrease of 2 points from FY 2018, the total volume of waste generated was 2,737 tons, almost unchanged from FY 2018.

Long-term Outlook

In April 2020, SII started its operations under a new structure. A major reorganization has been carried out within the Seiko Holdings Group, with the watch business transferred to Seiko Watch Corporation, and research and development and production technology development functions transferred to Seiko Holdings Corporation. As a result, SII's environmental impact, such as waste emissions and water use, will be greatly reduced. The medium- to long-term vision and targets will be set after determining the environmental impact of the new structure.

Total Waste Generation at Japan Sites
Total Waste Generation at Japan Sites:
1,374 tons
226 tons decrease, or -14% from FY 2018

Total Waste Generation at Overseas Sites
Total Waste Generation at Overseas Sites:
2,737 tons
31 tons decrease, or -1% from FY 2018

Note: The amount in FY 2013 does not include Seiko Instruments (Thailand) Ltd.

FY 2019 Overview: Water Use

Recognizing that water is a precious natural capital, SII is working on the 3Rs of water resources. In addition to reducing water consumption itself, we are also working to recycle water used in the manufacturing process.
In FY 2019, 380,000 of water was used at our sites in Japan, 3% reduction from FY 2018.
Water consumption at our sites outside Japan was 354,000 , a reduction of 23,000 from FY 2018.

Water Use Reduction
Japan sites: 380K m³ 13K m³ decrease, or -3% from FY 2018

Water Use Reduction os
Overseas Sites: 354K m³ 23K m³ decrease, or -6% from FY 2018