Academic and Technical Advancements

SII contributes to technical advancements as a social contribution through donation and operational support to Seiko Instruments Advanced Technology Foundation (ATF).

ATF was started in June 1986 as a voluntary organization funded by SII. Later, in order to carry out more socially-significant activities, ATI was established as a legally-incorporated foundation in June 1993, initially supported by a donation from SII. Subsequently, in April 2012, in accordance with the government’s public-interest corporation reform, it was re-established as a public interest incorporated foundation.
ATF is dedicated to fostering research that transcends specialized fields through the exchange and discussion of individuals with diverse ideas. Our goal is to contribute to the development of the next generation of leaders and advance science and technology, the cornerstone of human society. Presently, ATF is strategically concentrating on cutting-edge areas, including quantum materials and highly functional sensors, within the realm of nanoscience and technology.

In June 2018, SII received the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon for contributions to the public interest by way of our contributions to ATF. The Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon is one of the honors that recognizes persons who have rendered great service to the nation or public, or those who have performed great deeds in the various areas of society, and is awarded by the nation to individuals, corporations, or organizations who have donated private property or made outstanding achievements for the public good.
SII has provided support for ATF’s activities since its beginning, and will continue to contribute to the promotion of science and technology in our efforts to provide support for the next generation.